A personalized plan of care is used to individually tailor activities and services to current level of need for each participant, including those with memory loss.

The plan of care is written with the help of the participant, staff, family, and formal supports. The plan is reviewed regularly to evaluate the goals and make changes if necessary. 

When creating care plans, our staff:

Respect individual’s choices.

Identify functional abilities and disabilities, strengths, personal habits, preferences, interests, medical information, and any other helpful information.

Explore options to provide optimal support.

Offer  caregiver support and provided caregiver education when needed.

Identify and explore activity interest through day-to-day interactions; as well as completing an activity interest survey bi-annually (review at care plan meeting).

Answer questions or concerns from participants, the family, and/or formal supports.

Monitor progress towards achieving goal.

Continue to re-evaluate goal and modify as warranted by changes in functioning, health condition, or preferences.

Assist the participant in remaining in their preferred community residence.

Alzheimer's, Dementia, and Memory Loss

We are proud to be the only adult day center in Dane County that offers a custom program for people with Alzheimer's, dementia, and other memory loss conditions; and a certified MUSIC & MEMORYSM facility through Dan Cohen's MUSIC & MEMORY SM Certification Program.

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